"La Muerte" is one of the first songs of the colombian group Monsieur Periné. In 2012, as a class project for Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, a collective of students (Angelica Cuervo, Natalia Perez and me) decided to create a typomotion video clip to animate the whole song. We decided to use a "Kitsch" style, as the band has use in their original page, branding and products. Also because their music, as they describe by themselves, is "manouche" a truly combination of the elegance of the french sounds and the popular colombian and latinamerican music, being as eclectic as this type of art. We choose Univers, Bodoni Italic Std and other typographies to create the lyrics, and a featuring from Silly Symphonies, "The Skeleton Dance" by Disney (1929). Some of the illustrations in the animation belongs to José Arboleda, original illustrator of the band. To animate the typo we used Adobe After Effects CS5.  
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