“Luna wakes up in the city of New York, trying to figure
out why she decided to move out of her birthplace, (Cali,
Colombia). Constant changes in her mindstate make her
go back and forth between the big apple and Cali, where
underdog millennials like her dance salsa, play rock,
drink and smoke, getting themselves into the deep forest
of desperation.
During the story, Luna will find the company of multiple
characters, from dierent parts of the world, human and
beast. Their fantastical stories will suggest how people,
especially a young globalized generation, think about
success, dreams and their purpose in life, making an
emphasis on the uncertainty they feel about the future”.

“Luna” was conceived as a transmedia project: a written
novel with inserts of comic, full page illustrations and
experimental typography.

With an obsession for classic Salsa and Radiohead, this
book is also full of random exotic alternative music.
Inside each chapter, the reader can find a QR code that
will lead them to a Spotify playlist made by the author,
to immerse themselves into a full experience.
"Luna: The Graphic Novel" is a project, half English, half Spanish, half novel, half graphic novel. I am experimenting with different types of media such as music, writing, QR codes, but most of all, with my own experience as an immigrant in the United States.

Drawings are made by hand with ink and details and color are made in Adobe Photoshop.
"Luna: The Graphic Novel" es un proyecto, mitad Español, mitad Ingles, mitad novela, mitad novela gráfica. Estoy experimentando con diferentes tipos de medios como  música, escritura, códigos QR, pero más que todo con mi propia experiencia de ser inmigrante en los Estados Unidos.

Los dibujos son hecho as mano con tinta china, y son coloreados y finalizados en Adobe Photoshop. 
Book contains tarot cards as a pop up complement for the story. 
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